Creative Director // NYC


Creative Director - art side

All around nice guy - human side

{--obligatory corporate headshot--}

{--obligatory corporate headshot--}


A bit about me
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Here’s a quick Top 10-ish things to know about me:

1. I’m a Creative Director from the art-side of things.

2. My experience ranges from digital products to traditional to direct response to dynamic digital and anything and everything in between.

3. I’ve led brands like the U.S. Marine Corps, Verizon Fios, Cigna, Atlanta Falcons, U.S. Virgin Islands Tourism, OppenheimerFunds, Church’s Chicken and more.

4. Early in my career I had a startup and filed and received approval for geographically targeted digital display ads, then my business partner dropped the ball and now we’re not bajillionaires like the heads of every media company are. 

5. I’ve led teams as large as 50 across multiple creative disciplines and as small as just me (I’m not just a pretty face… I’m hands-on as well). 

6.  I rewrote the book on digital marketing for multiple clients… literally. It’s a book, printed, because sometimes you need to cater to your audience. 

7. I’ve won various awards for my work on Verizon, OppenheimerFunds, Atlanta Falcons, the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Virgin Islands.

8. I used to bartend in Manhattan which taught me how to quickly read a room, engage people in conversation and appreciate cheap Tequila.

9. I believe that the big idea always comes first with the executions falling out of it, and always baked in actionable human insights.

10. I once sold in an idea centered around ballet for the Marines, but it never got produced because the Generals were a bit too surprised by how many Marines have taken ballet.  

10-ish. I’m available for freelance, full time, and the occasional consulting.